Strike Point Analysis

(available in the PRO Version)

A Highlight of the Mensurix Pro version is the Strike Point Optimizer. This makes the software not only worth for scale designers, but also for repairers replacing hammers. Select a key and click the “Strike Sim” Button. After the Analysis click on the cursor in the graph window to reset the strike point to the new desired location where you have the maximum volume. The results show, that the optimal values can not be achieved by a geometric line. For the first 8 notes the best strike point is between 2,8 mm -4 mm, after that about 16 notes between 8 mm an 10 mm, followed by 4 notes 16 mm-18 mm and 4 notes 24 mm-25 mm and 4 notes 31 mm-32 mm. Around the A-4 the volume differences decrease to 0,2 dB so the start strike length of 1/8 is ok. The values are depend most on string tension and are less affected by hammer stiffness/damping and hammer mass.


copyright (c) 1988-2004 Bernhard Stopper