Bernhard Stopper, Klavierbaumeister 

2017 Unisono Sweet Spot Indicator iPad, Iphone

2017 Tunic OnlyPure for iPhone, iPad

2014: Tunic OnlyPure für Android Smartphones

2008: Introduction TUNIC OnlyPure Tuning Software für PocketPC

2008: Tunic iOS App for Gitarre, Cello, Violin

2006: Introduction OnlyPure Tuning Software for Windows

2004: Description of Beat Symmetries in Stopper Temperament

2004: Introduction Mensurix 5 with dynamic simulation of hammer/string interaction

2003: Introduction MiniMens with dynamic simulation of hammer/string interaction

1990: Master degree in Ludwigsburg

1989: Introduction of Mensurix scaling software

1988 Patent pending “Vorrichtung zur Musiktonerzeugung” auf der Basis der Stopperstimmung™.

1988:  Euro Piano 3/1988 The 12-twelfths-19-octave-circle as the harmonic-series symmetric 12-tone circle and “Stopperstimmung™, equal temperament based on pure duodecimes

Since 1988: Piano Tuner and Technician in Rottenburg an Tübingen

1985 -1987 Piano Technician (Magne, Paris)

1980 - 1983 Apprentice Piano Maker (Klavier-Vögele) 

1976 - 1980 Piano Lessons with Else Herold

1969: Erster Klavierunterricht